The K-1 Visa allows a foreign national to enter the United States for a period of 90 days in order to marry an LPR or U.S. citizen to whom the alien is engaged to be married.

In order to enter the country on a K-1 Visa, a petition must be approved at the appropriate USCIS Service Center and the foreign beneficiary must pass a personal interview at the U.S. consulate or embassy in his or her country. The purpose of the interview is to verify the validity of the relationship and the qualifications of the U.S. citizen spouse to act as a sponsor. The sponsor must provide evidence of good moral character as well as proof of adequate income and/or assets for sponsorship.

The Fiancé Visa allows a couple up to 90 days to make the important decision on marriage. Generally speaking, our firm prefers to help clients file Fiancé Visas rather than have the clients marry and then pursue an I-130 petition (consular processing) or file a K-3 petition.

Information on K1 Visas (Fiance Visa)


A Mexican National who was awarded a green card thru a family petition and became a USC in 2012 retained our firm for a K1/ Fiance Visa and AOS, adjustment of status. His fiance, also from Mexico was approved for her visa after our firm prepared her for the consular interview, entered the US a month later and married and was awarded lawful permanent resident status after a marriage interview represented by our firm. Our attorneys prepared the couple for their marriage interview and attended the same with them.

She received her 2 year green card a month later. Congratulations!

To learn more about the K-1 Visa and to get advice on which kind of process is best for you and your fiancé, please contact our immigration law offices today for a free consultation.

A Lawyer's Role in Immigration Law and Procedures

With all USCIS forms now online, one may be it may be tempted to file without legal representation. We have seen all too often that unnecessary delays in processing and initial denials of an application can affect what is already a fragile relationship due to long separations after a marriage proposal has been accepted. Family Visa's experienced attorneys have helped thousands of clients prepare for and pass their all important US Consular interview. We spend the time and effort necessary to adequately prepare the foreign national for their interview. And we like to have the U.S. citizen sponsor present during the consultation when our attorneys conduct a "mock interview".

U.S. Travel During the Process

There have been many delays in processing approvals of visas during the last year, largely due to an overwhelmed and chaotic immigratrion system, closed borders and Covid 19 complications. However, K1 visas have typically taken too long for folks who want to reunite and get on with their lives. To that end our attorneys have over 20 years experience obtaining entry into the U.S. for our clients to visit with their fiance/sponsor during this process as it winds its way to the initial interview. Once entering the U.S. and marrying within 90 days, we file a petition for lawful residence, prepare you and your spouse and attend the interview with you.

Each couple intending to marry have diverse issues such as country of origin, U S minor children, need for a work permit upon entry into the U.S., language and cultural differences, prior entries into the U.S. that could be problematic, arrest records, background checks etc. Our firm is uniquely qualified to be a full service immigration law practice, from visa entries, to lawful permanent residence and U.S. citizenship.

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