Undocumented immigrants can choose among several paths toward lawful residence, while others can only wait and hope for a change to the law. What options are available to you depends on many factors, including:

  • How and when you entered the United States
  • The number of illegal entries and whether apprehended by Border Patrol
  • If a family relative has ever filed papers for you or a relative of yours
  • If you are married or engaged to an LPR or USC
  • If you have any criminal history of arrests or convictions

To protect your rights, contact a lawyer who is experienced in filing applications for undocumented aliens and who has a proven record of trial work before the Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Unfortunately, we often have to help clients once they have already made a mistake or been given bad advice, which means that achieving residency is most difficult and takes longer. To get started with a free consultation, please contact our offices in Reno or Las Vegas right now. You can also learn more about ways we can help you by reading below:

You can also learn more about ways we can help you by reading below:

I-601 Waivers Link button

A foreign national who been present in the U.S. illegally for more than one year after the age of 18 is subject to a ten-year bar from re-entry once s/he leaves the country. This, and other bars to entry, can be waived if the alien is the child or spouse of an LPR or a U.S. citizen and extreme hardship can be shown.

245(i) - Adjustment of Status Link button

If anyone filed an immigration petition for you before April 30, 2001, you may be able to become a resident through this process.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Link button

President Obama has promised major immigration reforms However Congress has failed to pass new legislation.

Cancellation of Removal Link button

Immigration Judges have the authority to grant permanent residency to illegal immigrants if: 1 they can prove 10 years or more of presence in the U.S. 2 they have Qualifying relatives (parent, spouse or children who would suffer exceptional and extremely unusual hardship were they deported.

Deportation and Immigration Court Link button

You can learn more about the process of deportation and how Immigration Court works by visiting our page on those topics.

Unlawful Presence Link button

To enter the United States legally as a foreign national, you must attain a valid visa (as a visitor, student, worker, fiancé(e), etc) and undergo customs inspection by border agents.